Code of Conduct

Thames Seventh-day Adventist Community Church Code of Conduct

Micah 6:8  What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

  Who are vulnerable?

o Children, Orphans, Fatherless, Strangers, Widows, Elderly, Disabled, Seekers 

  What is a ‘code of conduct’?

o A list of behaviors that are encouraged and expected

o A list of behaviors that is not condoned or acceptable

o It is expected that all worshiping at the Thames Seventh-day Adventist Church will comply with the Code of Conduct

  Why do we need a code of conduct?

o It makes it clear to adults, what is acceptable and what is expected when we all have different points of view

o It makes it clear when someone’s conduct crosses  a line leading to inappropriate behavior 

o It makes it clear when someone isn’t behaving in an appropriate manner (saves confusion) 

o It helps to keep children and the vulnerable safe

o It makes people less likely to be at risk of a false allegation of misconduct in relation to unacceptable behavior. 

Matthew 22: 37, 39

  What happens when someone does not follow the Code of Conduct?

o It is everyone’s duty to monitor compliance

o A minor breach may be brought to a person’s attention for their learning. 

o Persistent serious breaches will be reported to the Safe Places Coordinator and the Leadership Team

o A person may be asked to sign a Safety agreement as a condition of continued attendance at Church

  Who is Thames SDA Church Safe Place Coordinator?

o Main Coordinator - Paula Sim (Elder)

o Co-coordinator - Pr Marilyn Pasione (Pastor)

o The Leadership Team


 Reflect the tenet of the Seventh day Adventist Church


 Behave as a positive role model


 Treat everyone with respect Including children, elderly, strangers widows (includes single parents) and vulnerable! 


 Use positive and affirming language . Divisive, loud, disruptive, belittling and confrontational behavior will not be accepted. 

DO …

 If you disagree with someone or something, go to that person and speak as a loving Christian one to one – if you do not feel safe with that person, take a witness. (Matthew 18: 15 – 17)


 Help provide an open, family – friendly warm environment for everyone to worship and interact in. 


 Alert someone if you see a breach of the code including bullying, and espousing personal beliefs contrary to the SDA Church teachings.


 Report suspicions of child abuse or neglect to the Safe Places Coordinator, the Pastor or Leadership Team. (You have a legal responsibility)

Seek advice about disclosures of child abuse or neglect by contacting “Child Youth and Family Services” (NZ) 


 Believe the victim/child!!!!!!

 DO...

Respect a person’s space by not touching a child / person in an inappropriate manner (including inappropriate touching of a person's clothing) .


 Refrain from holding, kissing, cuddling or touching a child/ person except for appropriate touch, for example to comfort distress.


 Avoid the appearance of evil with any person e.g. spending time alone with a child.

 DO NOT ...

Make sexually suggestive comments to a child or any person.


Show or share sexually suggestive material to any child or person in any form including email, text, movie or sound file.


 Use profane language at all


 Assist children to do things of a personal nature that they can do themselves.


 Use any physical means to control or discipline another person including a child.


 Take a child to your home, or encourage private meetings outside of church – sponsored activities, unless strict guidelines are in place.


 Take or publish unauthorized photos or movies of a child or person on church property, or at church activities, without authorization of a person parent/guardian nor post online unauthorized private information about a person (including children) that may identify them.  e.g. full name, age, email address, telephone, residence, school, or details about a club they may attend.